A-P-P-E-A-L  for Zimbabwe’s Children  - Target: £20,000

We are seeking your assistance for Zimbabwe’s Children who have been devastated by the recent IDAI cyclone. We are organising a container to send to the most affected parts and this container must leave the shores of the UK by the end of April if not sooner.

You can help by donating the following:

·                Food items: Sugar, cooking oil, rice, spaghetti, legumes, all dried foods that you can provide.

·                Tinned food: beans, lentils, etc

·                Cleaning material such as soap, detergents, lotions, all different kinds of toiletries, tooth paste, etc

·                Books, pencils, school stationery, etc

·                Blankets, towels, sheets, clothes for all ages, shoes for all age’s, girls’ sanitary pads, etc

·                Candles, solar lamps, torches and any other gadgets that can be of use.

To deliver or drop off collected items, please contact us

Please also include a cash donation as we require £6500 towards the shipping of the container and all other transportation expenses that shall be incurred as we do our best to deliver the donated goods. We are seeking to raise £20,000 to get aid on the ground that will make a difference to a child’s life.

Ndoro Children’s Charities (NCC)  is a small children’s charity; however, we are doing our best to deliver to our most vulnerable children in Zimbabwe both in the city of Harare and in the rural area in a place called Zviyambe in the District of Wedza in Mashonaland East Province. We were fortunate enough that the areas we work in were not affected by the cyclone, as our Children’s project lies in the same path where the cyclone hit. However, a few weeks before the cyclone hit, our school community hall roof was lifted up by a strong wind and we are in the process of fundraising so that the roof can be fixed. See photograph:

Marumbi school and community hall with roof lifted by the strong winds

Rudo’s Story

We are getting heart-breaking stories, andhere is one about Rudo, a 15 year old girl from Chimanimani, Zimbabwe. Rudo and her brother (13) and sister (11) travelled 30 km by foot running away from the cyclone and they were fortunate enough to be picked up by car which was also carrying other people running from the environmental disaster.  Rudo has no idea where her parents are, and they think they are dead. Rudo and her siblings survived because they were not at home when the cyclone hit. They were still wide awake when they heard roaring thunder and they came outside and saw some people running away and they followed suit, thinking they would find their parents in the group. The gentleman and his wife who picked these children has said he is overwhelmed with the number of people who are now destitute.

This and many other stories like this are the reason we are appealing to you for your help to send one or 2 containers, with all the essentials that people will need to make their lives bearable.

NCC will continue to do its best to help orphaned, disadvantaged and vulnerable children the best way it can.  

 In Zimbabwe we are responding to Chimanimani Women’s Business association who have appealed to us to help after the devastation of the cyclone.

We cannot do this without your support

We will travel to Zimbabwe to make sure that the donated stuff will be distributed in a friendly space and in partnership with Chimanimani Women’s Business association. We are also looking for volunteers that want to come and spend sometime assisting the local community. Please do get in contact if this is something of interest.

Thank you for your support