Progress report 2013

Roseline borehole

We are extremely happy to see how NCC is continually helping many disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe through ESD – a dream come true for both the organisation and myself. With progress continuing everyday, NCC’s aim is to reach more than 1000 children by 2015!

It is with great pleasure to announce that NCCs (UK) is now affiliated with NCC (Zimbabwe) – Meaning we can now work in Zimbabwe freely as a Registered (2013) Private Voluntary Organisation, recognised by the government of Zimbabwe. Being Zimbabwean born it gives me great pride that the Zimbabwe government recognises NCC (Zimbabwe), and for that we are very grateful.  

Our vision is to transform the lives of many of our disadvantaged children throughout Africa. Currently, our main focus is on Zimbabwe. Since 2010, we can proudly say we have made a positive impact on the provision of ESD at a local level in Zimbabwe. This newsletter gives an insight of some of the work completed and shows how the children are benefiting with the focus of changing their lives forever.  

Strengthening our fundraising strategies and project governance, by creating new structures, will assist us to move forward and realise our goals. We wish to bring awareness to the Zimbabwean population about charity, love and giving to the poor. The young are eager to take their destinies in their own hands and thus we are both organising youth activities in their local communities, as well as support indigenisation, empowerment, education and employment to help the young improve their lives.

We have various building and planning projects over the next year and we are looking forward to the completion of the building structures erected at Marumbi School. NCC is also building and creating Skills Centres, with the aim of impacting knowledge through pottery, painting, and other artistic activities. We are also working with the government of Zimbabwe to help galvanise wider recognition of the importance of ESD for children’s development.

We know that we face challenges, particularly here in the UK, with raising funds to realise the full scale of our ambitions, especially in the current economic climate. However, we are confident that we will gain the support of organisations and individuals, who are moved and excited by what NCC is achieving and who see the considerable value of ESD – the only way to eradicate poverty in Africa. This will enable NCC to leave a lasting legacy of eradicating poverty through providing ESD to African children.  

I would like to take the opportunity to give thanks to our dedicated Trustees, Volunteers both in the UK & Zimbabwe, donors, sponsors, well-wishers, the School development Committee, teachers and the Community of Zviyambe. These people have provided their time & expertise to help make our goals become a reality. NCC is truly blessed and encouraged to know that we have such a large support group from all over the globe and that the UK is firmly behind our efforts. With the support and encouragement from you all, you have helped us to find our common purpose of helping those in some of the most remote and disadvantaged areas of Africa.

Together we can fulfil our dream of making a huge difference in this world, so why not come and visit us during the months of July to August 2015 and see the wonderful work we are achieving through your support and efforts. In return for free accommodation and food, all that we ask from you is to fundraise for us. Any support you are able to give in response to our appeal in the newsletter, as always, is so very much appreciated. Thank you.

Roseline Ndoro

Chair & Founder