Below is a non-exhaustive list of typical tasks you might be engaged in whilst staying at the orphanage and working at the school:

  • Teaching children basic English and Maths
  • Guiding children in their homework
  • Organising games for the children
  • Developing creative and cultural programs such as dance, arts, music, debates etc.
  • Organising physical activities for the children such as football, netball etc
  • Tidying the classroom after school; maintaining and keeping the school yard clean
  • Teaching the children to keep the school premises clean
  • Teaching children about gardening and how to maintain the gardens
  • Helping teachers to mark the children’s work
  • Join in school trips
  • Bring innovative and creative ideas for the development of the school
  • Ploughing fields, planting seeds if during rain season, harvesting crops if during harvesting period.
  • Fixing fences, fence patrols
  • Feedingcows and taking them to drink water
  • Building roads, bridges and the dam
  • Building infrastructures such as more houses, toilets,
  • Participating in anti poaching patrols
  • Feeding chicken, pig and various other animals on the farm
  • Helping with the cooking of food and engaging in various related activities, as and when requested by project staff.
  • Teaching children how to wash their faces and brush their teeth
  • Ecology Studies
  • Fireguards
  • Climbing surrounding hills and mountains
  • Trekking along Sabi River; crocodile and hippopotamus watching from a distance
  • Visiting other game reserves animal sanctuaries
  • etc

The activities a volunteer on the health care programme would be expected to be engaged in is entirely dependent on the volunteer’s level of knowledge, interest and relevant experience. Some of the activities might include:

  • Assisting doctors and nurses in local clinics
  • Changing bandages
  • Taking blood pressure
  • Educating people on basic prevention, first aid / healthcare education


2 weeks - $800 / 500 GBP

4 weeks - $1,500 / 1000 GBP

6 weeks - $2,200 / 1400 GBP

8 weeks - $2,850 / 1750 GBP 

This includes:

Ø All transport to and from the project site

Ø All project related accommodation

Ø Services of driver, guide and cook

Ø All food during programme and drink (cordials, teas and coffee)

Ø All camping / accommodation fees and local taxes as per the itinerary

This excludes:

Ø Items of a personal nature, insurance, visas, sodas, alcohol and meals taken in restaurants

Ø Flights to and from Zimbabwe

Ø Optional activities not included in the programme itinerary